Classically styled fiberglass bodywork for vintage motorcycles.  

Since 1998


​About Glass from the Past

Mike and Bret along the Snake river in Idaho circa 1990.

​Glass from the Past's beginnings.

 Prior to opening GFTP, Bret Edwards was a master automotive technician with experience in fiberglass mold design and pattern making. He spent his formative years helping out in an uncle's British motorcycle shop near Seattle. Sweeping floors, cleaning parts, and sorting inventory. Anything to be hanging around motorcycles. At 12 he learned to ride aboard a Matchless 500. At 19 he bought his first Triumph. Over the years Bret has ridden or raced a variety of different machines and disciplines from motocross on a Rickman-Zundapp 125 to roadracing a Ducati 450 and Triumph 500, to flattracking aboard a BSA 650.  If it's vintage and has two wheels, Bret is probably interested.

 The idea of GFTP was born between Bret and long time motorcycling friend Mike Watanabe of Union Motorcycle Classics. Over the years, with their shared interest of all things vintage motorcycles combined with Mike's trained background in art and design, Mike and Bret fabricated a number of custom bodywork parts for their street and racing motorcycle projects. In addition to their own designed and fabricated parts, they had also accumulated a fair sized collection of original vintage bodywork from the 1950's, 60's, and 70's.  Parts and products from long extinct companies such as Dunstall, Avonaire, Read-Titan, and Rickman hung on their garage walls like dusty trophies from another era.  Why not make these parts available again?

 In 1998 GFTP was started as a part time business with the hope of off-setting some of Bret's vintage racing costs. GFTP quickly grew into a full time business and has continued to grow with an ever evolving inventory.  While Bret handles all of GFTP's day to day activities and responsibilities, Mike and Union Motorcycle Classics frequently lend a hand with new ideas, product designs, and pattern fabrication. All forms of vintage motorcycling are appreciated here at GFTP, and our growing inventory reflects this with the continuous addition of new products for Caferacer, roadracer, and flattrack style motorcycles.   

Our passion is vintage motorcycles and we look forward to helping with your next project.

 The GFTP Team.